LIAN HE TAO BAO CO.,LTD.联合淘宝股份有限公司

Our company "Lian He Tao Bao Co.,Ltd." is the business engaged in the field of these followings:

1. International Import and Export - food, snack, cosmetic, clothes, etc.

We also have our own products, LHTB Spa Fruit Soaps, with the Food and Drug Administration License and ready to be exported.

Moreover, we are now the representative in both importing and exporting.  The client can export goods to Thailand and our company can be an importer. 

2. Legal service (law) - setting up the company, agreements, marriage, child adoption, notarization (notary public), etc.

3. Language center - English, Thai and Chinese.

4. Other services provided for Thai and foreigners, such as European and Chinese people.

For more information, please contact: 0613898998  0066-0958913888.  WeChat ID:lsj168899  Email:lsj168899@gmail.com